IFI Difference


The IFI process is the bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary. When it comes to managing your financial future are you a part of the financial majority or are you a financial entrepreneur?

The majority of the population follows the crowd; they get their information from their investment advisor, stock brokers, insurance representatives and the press and the media. These representatives get their education and training from the industry and are compensated by the industry. The goal of the industry is to make money for the industry and not the client. Inherently, there is conflict of interest between success of the investor and the success of the company. Now, if you are someone that follows the crow, you may feel comfortable. Since, it’s comfortable to do what everyone else does and it is scary to be alone. However, are you confident and certain about your future?

Now the truly wealthy, the financial few, have a network of professionals or advisors who work independently of the industry watching over for their special interest watching over them, helping them make investment decisions and their financial planning decisions they are compensated by the clients they represent versus the company. Now if you are comfortable in the decisions you made, and you are confident about your future, and have certainty in the outcome, then you may be part of the top 2% of the population – The Financial Few!

A life of understanding provides a life of confidence and certainty. Now, at the end of the day, you will have an ability to achieve your dreams by becoming a financial entrepreneur. After all, what is an entrepreneur? It is someone who raises resources from a lower level of productivity to a higher level of productivity. And that it what we see as our main purpose at the Institute for the Financial independence.