John's Book

How to achieve your money goals sooner and safer, in good times and bad.

"The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation is an easy, worthwhile read for both new and experienced investors at any life stage. It can be read sequentially or you can jump to topics of particular interest to you."

This book is the distillation of a quarter century of experience helping rescue thousands of people from their misconceptions about how money works and how to achieve financial security.


As the youngest of four boys, John grew up in Connecticut dressing out of the barrel of hand-me-downs in his family’s basement. He worked to pay his way through parochial school and college. John knew what it was like to worry about money. Early in his career as an investment advisor, John’s 62-year-old father's job was merged out of existence; John showed him that instead of having to work to age 70 striving to pay off his mortgage, that he could retire then and there. Those are the kinds of moments that John lives for and has experienced countless times.

John has taken all he’s learned and used his experience teach to clients. He has taken this information and put it between covers: The Ten Essential Truths of Wealth Creation. This is not a book about how to get rich. It will surprise you with basic concepts and practical suggestions to help you avoid losing money on costs such as taxes, and how to use your home equity and certain types of insurance to become your own bank. John invites you to read, learn, prosper and use this web site to keep up with latest trends and commentary on issues that affect your financial independence. Send John your questions via our Contact page.

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