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True Net Worth: Busting The Myth

November 4, 2012
  Wall Street has done a good job selling a flawed idea—that buying their expensive financially engineered investment products is the surest route to a secure retirement. The argument is that growing your net worth, not just saving for retirement, is what matters.  The modern life insurance industry, in its competition with Wall Street, has lost its focus, doing a good job of convincing the public that you can protect your net worth and grow it at the same time by buying their..Read More

The New Retirement Model: Save More, Invest Less

October 10, 2012
Once upon a time in America—before the greedy 1980s, the bubbly 1990s, and the busted 2000s—when people talked about planning for retirement they did not say they were investing for it. They said they were saving for retirement. There’s a big difference, and millions of Americans who’ve seen their retirement plans blown up are learning what it is, the hard way. A bird in the hand—saving—is still worth more than two in..Read More

Flawed Insurance Policies Coming Home to Roost

September 13, 2012
The insurance industry has a dirty little secret that threatens the retirement plans of millions of unsuspecting policyholders. The problem is buried in the fine print of universal life policies, widely promoted since the 1980s as a new and improved version of the old-fashioned whole life insurance product our grandparents relied on as the surest way to save for retirement. ..Read More

As Investors Age, Advisors Face Leaner Future

February 23, 2012
The investment industry’s biggest challenges in the next decade or so will be boomers switching from being savers to spenders, and adjusting to the big bite the Great Recession and real estate crash took out of demand for active wealth management. Investment professionals will have to come up with a different compensation model that relies less on commissions and more on fees for services. Clients accustomed to getting services for “free” as part of their transactions costs,..Read More

What Investors Can Learn From Occupy Wall Street

January 31, 2012
The Occupy Wall Street movement may seem irrelevant to most investors but there is growing evidence it may be sparking a generational shift in the way Americans think about and manage their money. Going local and going small is reversing three decades of failed experiments with giant shareholder-owned banks and insurance companies whose behavior has been driven by Wall Street rather than Main Street. In doing so, we are going back to the future, and about time, too. The seminal event in this..Read More
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