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What is the challenge that Senior advisers face?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1.    They have an aging client base.
2.    Their clients are entering the payout stage of their assets rather than the accumulation stage.
3.    Their clients are becoming more risk-averse.
4.    They no longer believe in the markets future projections.
5.    They require safety in their investments.
6.    They want more certainty and guarantees.
7.    They want more predictability of the results.
8.    They worry about long-term care impact on their legacy.
9.    Ultimately if possible they would like to create a legacy as well as a strategy to protect their wealth in the future when they start to liquidate their assets.
10.Their taxes continually rise while their income continues to stay stable.

What’s wrong with the current financial advisory model:

Reps income from fees are reducing since their aging client base is in the pay out stage rather than the Accumulation stage of Life.

(currently there are over 42 million retirees in our society which will be growing to over 65 million retirees by the year 2025)
What we have been selling for the last 30 years doesn’t possess the things that retirees require over the next 30 years.

How do we solve the problem by changing the conversation and giving clients what they need but don’t understand.

A recent investment survey conducted by Fidelity found that only 57% of clients felt that their advisor provided any value during the recent market conditions. And of those clients who felt their advisor provided additional value.  They focus primarily on long-term goals of the client and provided comprehensive financial advice that incorporated all types of financial vehicles.

What do our clients know.

1.    The stock market and the bond markets both go up and down . And they have experienced when they did well and when they did not do well.
2.    What they do believe is that they can’t trust the markets returns when planning for the future.
3.    Taxes are something they cannot control and they are unlikely to be less in retirement.
4.    Real estate grows over time and for many of them there last car will cost more than the first house.
5.    Advisors in the financial services industry are paid to find money not paid to manage money.
6.    And they know they want something else they just don’t know what it is.

What do our older clients want?

1.    Safety and certainty in their investments.
2.    Guarantees that they will be able to achieve their dreams.
3.    Better tax control of their portfolios and their lives.
4.    A way to protect their wealth especially for long-term care.
5.    The true independent advisor and someone they can trust to help them make the right decisions in their life.

What does the Institute for Financial Independence Advisory network provide.

1.    The tools and structure to help advisers change the conversation and focus more on what the clients needs and the clients knows but does not understand.
2.    We start by training advisers about how they need to change the conversation with their clients. Focusing more on the clients goals and needs and wants rather then on products and services.

Because in the end all our clients want is to have the confidence in you, and to be reassured that their initial instinct in choosing you as an advisor was correct. That you understand them and are creative enough and humble enough to change the conversation as your practice matures and they move through the different stages of their life.

Isn’t it time you change the conversation?

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