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What do up and coming advisers Need early in their career.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In our last post we discussed the more senior advisor, this time we would like to address the up and coming advisor.  With my 30 plus years in the business and our head of distribution years of traveling the country, we have have seen what new advisor is lacking.  Below are a few thoughts on this topic and how we can bring value in changing the conversation .

1.    A marketing program in order to get more clients in the door.
2.    They need to build the practice in order to build a referral network.

3.    They need a process to keep them focused on track.
4.    They need something that they can believe in and have confidence in.
5.    They need stories to tell since they don’t have the experience of telling stories about their own clients experiences.
6.    A good turnkey client process and practice management system in order to elevate their practice and jumpstart their career.

What do they not have:

1.    Their own stories that they can tell.
2.    An understanding of how all these financial products truly work.
3.    A proven track record.
4.    An image bigger than them in order for them to compete with the likes of the wire houses and the larger firms.
5.    Credibility
6.    Confidence in what they are telling and selling will work. Validation.
7.    Competitive contracts for the products and services they provide.
8.    National image.
9.    A mentor that they can trust.
10. A coach

What does the Institute for Financial Independence Advisor network provide

The IFI advisor network provides the tools and the structure as well as the documents, conversations, case design services, and one on one coaching, that young advisers need in order to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and add value to your client relationships.

If you would like additional info give us a call @ 888-453-2713 or email us @
info@independenceinstitute.com.  You can also join us for one of our upcoming webinars, click for additional info